Museums & Galleries Disabled Access


There are hundreds of fascinating museums and galleries in England. On this website you will find a taster of disabled friendly venues, advising you of your rights and recommending interesting places to visit, in addition to pointing you in the direction of the best resources for finding out about different venues and their disability services. This will allow you to make more informed decisions as to which galleries and museums are the most inclusive and suitable to your needs.

You will find suggestions about access in London as well as other major cities in the North and South, and valuable tips on how to go about gathering information on museums and galleries in your local area and around the country.

Planning ahead

Although venues are continually improving their range and scope of disability access, with differing disabled facilities in each location it is essential to be able to find out about their strengths and weaknesses in advance.

Before visiting a location there are some key factors to consider and find out about in terms of its disabled access. Different buildings have varying levels of mobility access depending on the specific layout of an exhibition or floor; for instance the general entrance may be accessible but particular exhibits may not. Some places provide easily accessible disabled parking and can recommended suitable methods of travel if you are unfamiliar with the location or cannot reach it. There may be special tours or other materials set up to make exhibits functional for people with particular disabilities. Many museums and galleries cater for disabilities such as sensory impairment and learning difficulties in this manner, and as with all of these considerations it is tremendously useful to know whether a particular venue offers such features.


An enormous upshot of having so many museums and galleries in the country is that even if a first choice turns out to be lacking in facilities for disabled people you are bound to find a number of equally intriguing and rewarding alternatives. We will look at methods to find out about access to the places that interest you, as well as focusing on individual notable sites up and down the country.