Sex Museums

In regards to understanding and awareness of Sex Education in England at the moment is lacking the clarity that is available in some other European countries.

This is because of the development of sex as a taboo topic despite it being an important aspect of adult life. In order to tackle social issues like teenage pregnancies, dysfunctional relationships and anxiety over medical aspects of sexual intercourse, the idea that sex is a private or taboo topic needs to be drawn out of the English psyche.

This is obviously no easy challenge when taking into account varying religions, timid dispositions and traditional English values.

However, the perception that sexual intercourse is a process of reproduction and also source of happiness that enhances life offers respect for each mate, as the purpose is to provide a pleasant experience. In order to do this individuals need to feel able to communicate with each other without feeling there partner will think badly of them.

The lack of knowledge in relation to sexual education is affecting all generations. There is little suitable information available to children.

Adults whether they think they have or not, generally have a lack of understanding how to make intercourse as pleasurable as it can be. There is also a lack of understanding in medical issues related to sex. Recent campaigns have raised awareness of contraception and sexual diseases; however, there is still a lack of understanding in issues such as vasectomy reversals.

A new method of sexual education has been introduced to England in the form of a museum. The museum is located in London and is aimed at the over 18’s.

The Amora museum adopts an interactive approach to educating adults on sexual chemistry, sexual dysfunction and orgasms which is reinforced by help and visits to the museum from doctors and counsellors.

This museum is certainly a step in the right direction since the lack of sex education is being acknowledged. The museum is only covering some of the areas that England is lacking in understanding and a more extensive sex education is needed in the U.K.