Dental Museums

The British dental association museum houses a collection of over 30, 000 objects including prints, toothbrushes and the dentures of King William lv.

The collection merges the topic of dentistry with many other appealing topic including History, Film and royalty.

The collection of instruments, machinery and archives will offer an insight into how dentistry has evolved through the centuries to the modern medical and cosmetic dental services we are offered today.

The museum will particularly appeal to those who are considering medical or dentistry study or those who currently work in these sectors. There is also enough to entertain those who are just curious or take an interest in all things cultural or historical.

In many modern dental practices such as harley street dental studio you can find artefacts and historical displays of old teeth, paintings and and books relating to the history of dentistry. Almost like a museum within a modern building for patients to browse whilst awaiting appointments.

The museum is not just a collection of dental items, it tells the story of dentistry whilst providing a subtle message to youngsters how it is necessary to maintain dental health and ensure that we routinely use our toothpaste and mouthwash.

If you have a little free time the dental museum may prove a more successful and long term method of reinforcing the importance of dental hygiene than constantly asking have you brushed your teeth? The museum welcomes families’ schools, groups of students or dentists or the solo visitor with equal measure.