London Medical Museums

London Medical Museums offer a learning experience covering the topic of medicine and how medicinal practice has evolved.  

An extensive range of medical fields are included such as dentistry, heart surgery, optical operations and many more.

The purpose is to inform people how  it is that we are now able to offer the wide range of advanced health services available today, whether it be complex heart surgery or cosmetic changes such as Botox or even laser hair removal.

Without the initial medicinal discoveries w the transforming medical services we have today would not have developed. London medical museums act as an informer of how things have changed and what initiated them whilst maintaining an appreciation for early medicinal exploration and practice.

The museums have wide appeal, whatever your interest the museums will be able to cater for your thirst for knowledge. 

The medical museums in London offer the opportunity to select a specific topic, as the museums are generally field specific. Alternatively, visiting several of the museums will provide an extensive amount of information on the progress of medicine and medical practice as a whole. 

The museums are designed to interest everybody this means they cater for individuals visiting the museum independently, schools, colleges and universities and groups of adults.