Further Museums

As a supplement to our guides to some of the main disability accessible museums in London and across the country, here are some more equally worthwhile venues that will perhaps be less known to you. They are sorted by topic.



American Museum in Britain

Bath’s American Museum in Britain is all about American history from the time of the early European pioneers. There are galleries dedicated to Native American art, as well as huge sculptures taken from genuine American public settings and a distinctive selection of quilts, textiles, furniture and more. The museum’s pieces date up until the American Civil War and offer a real sense of the times and peoples that produced them. Disabled parking is available, all areas are wheelchair accessible and the museum utilises touch exhibits and other disability resources.

Greater Manchester Police Museum & Archives

This Police Museum focuses on Manchester and has universal significance with its collections of Victorian police memorabilia accommodated in a genuine Victorian police station. The original cells are accessible, as is much antique police equipment including uniforms. Other exhibits feature examinations of topics such as forensic science, and there is also a transport gallery. The museum is equipped with touch exhibits, access ramps and an elevator.



British Bubble Car Museum

The British Bubble Car Museum in Lincolnshire celebrates the history of the ‘microcar,’ which is a car under 700cc (and often much smaller). These ‘mini cars’ were popular in the 50s and are fun and compellingly peculiar. They should appeal to anyone with an interest in motoring, and the museum has trouble-free mobility access plus facilities for disabled visitors.

Bath Postal Museum

An ambitious history of 4000 years of written communication, the story told by Bath Postal Museum begins in the Late Bronze Age and ends in the present day with our e-mail advancements. Their vibrant exhibitions are diverse and always changing. They provide Induction Loops and wheelchair access.



Catalyst – Science Discovery Centre

Catalyst in Cheshire is designed as an enjoyable family-friendly day out, with over 100 interactive exhibits and many touchable features. Quizzes, experiments, shows and lessons ensure that it is always a stimulating and engaging environment. These features can be perfect for those with learning disabilities or certain sensory impairments. The centre provides Induction Loops and full access for mobility impaired people.

Museum of Science & Industry

Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry incorporates a wide range of accessibility resources into its energetic exploration of science and industrial history. Braille, large print, Induction Loops, full access for mobility impaired people, and signed interpretation are all available. With particular emphasis on the effects that technological and scientific developments had on Manchester, the museum houses exhibits on the fascinating past of scientific research and computing, in addition to the invaluable advances in sound recording, radio, television, print technology and more. Scientific instruments are on display and there are many touch exhibits.